From Data to Information

Situational Awareness and Trends to support your decision making

The InPlace Analytics Portfolio provides OSINT and GIS solutions to create spatiotemporal information as support decision making.
You can use our solutions to create a situational awareness of your operational environment and create contexts from trends, phenomena and events that span more than meets the eye.
We want to tell you more about different ways to implement these solutions and ask you to get in touch on info(at) and tell us your requirements. We will then tailor our presentation and demonstration to your specific needs and help you evaluate how our solutions can provide value for your organisation.

Software or Service

Collecting and processing data

InPlace Analytics can utilize data collected online or your proprietary data. Or both. You can process the data yourself, or we can do it for you as a service. Our solutions are based on the Information Value Chain. The acquired data can easily be used in other software, e.g. Artificial Intelligence solutions.

You can use our OSINT- and GIS-solutions as a software or data service. In case of a software service you will operate the system yourself. We deliver the OSINT- or GIS-solutions as On Premise- or SaaS-services.

If you go for a data service, InPlace Solutions will operate the system for you. In this case you will simply provide us with an information request. In the OSINT-solution we will also handle the data collection for you. In the GIS solutions, you will provide or define the data to be analysed. The service will be carried out under your guidance or independently. We will report back to you on a set schedule and scope based upon your needs.

InPlace Analytics has a map user interface, but that does not mean that it has to be a traditional, geographical map. It can also be an organisational chart, a conceptual chart or even a mind map. Our mission is to provide you with the best method of aiding your cognitive reasoning during processing and analysis.

InPlace Analytics OSINT

Exploit Open Sources

InPlace Analytics GIS

Utilize existing data

Data protection

Evaluating data protection issues is part of our service

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