InPlace Solutions Ab Oy
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Online invoicing
We use online processing of invoices and prefer online invoices. Please use the address and operator below for online invoice routing.

Company name: InPlace Solutions Ab Oy
Business ID: 1604649-2
Online invoicing address: 003716046492
Online invoicing operator address: 003708599126
Online invoicing operator: Opentext

Paper Invoices
InPlace Solutions Ab Oy
PL 58277
01051 LASKUT
Please make sure that the invoice contains valid IBAN- and BIC-codes.

All other mail is sent to our normal post address.

If you are unable to use online invoicing, you can send invoices in PDF format (as one file) to the email address:

Contact persons

Thomas Nynäs

Managing Director
+358 50 562 4471
thomas.nynas (at)

Jukka Torppa

Operations Manager
Comprehensive Security
+358 50 329 7642
jukka.torppa (at)

Robin Häggblom

Operations Manager
+358 40 669 5423
robin.haggblom (at)

Jeanette Grundvall

Administrative Assistant
jeanette.grundvall (at)

Mika Hyytiäinen

Senior Advisor
Hybrid warfare, total security and research
+358 45 140 6606

Nomen Absconditum

Senior Advisor
Defence and Safety

Nomen Absconditum

Special Advisor
Information influence